One is an album by American country music artists George Jones and Tammy Wynette. This album was released on June 20, 1995 on the MCA Nashville Records label. It was Jones and Wynette’s first album together in 15 years; it would also turn out to be their last album together. The album was Wynette’s last studio album she would record before her death in 1998.

Track listing
“One” – 4:10
“It’s an Old Love Thing” – 2:40
“Whatever Happened to Us” – 4:16
“Will You Travel Down This Road With Me” – 3:10
“(She’s Just) An Old Love Turned Memory” – 3:08
“If God Met You” – 2:51
“Just Look What We’ve Started Again” – 3:20
“Solid as a Rock” – 2:30
“They’re Playing Our Song” – 3:08
“All I Have to Offer You Is Me” – 3:26

On the charts
Album – Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1995 The Billboard 200 117
1995 Top Country Albums 12