I Lived to Tell It All

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I Lived to Tell It All is an album by country music artist George Jones This album was released on August 13, 1996 on the MCA Nashville Records label. This was also a companion piece to his best-selling autobiography of the same name, I Lived to Tell It All.

Track listing
“Honky Tonk Song” (Frank J. Myers, Billy Yates) – 2:46
“Back Down to Hung up on You” (Larry Butler, Dean Dillon) – 3:37
“Billy B. Bad” (Bobby Braddock) – 3:01
“Hundred Proof Memories” (Keith Stegall, Zack Turner) – 3:56
“It Ain’t Gonna Worry My Mind” (Richard Leigh) – 2:55
“The Lone Ranger” (Billy Yates, Gerald Smith, John Northup) – 2:38
“Tied to a Stone” (Max D. Barnes) – 4:06
“I’ll Give You Something to Drink About” (Hank Cochran, Mack Vickery, Jerry Laseter) – 3:19
“I Must Have Done Something Bad” (Red Lane) – 3:19
“Hello Heart” (Melba Montgomery, Billy Yates) – 2:45

On The Charts
Album – Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1996 The Billboard 200 171
1996 Top Country Albums 26