With the creation of this official website and more appearances, George Jones has been spending the last few months working on ways to be more in touch with his fans. With over 1 million hits per month on this official website,, and sold out crowds at almost every venue, it seems his efforts have not been ignored.

Follow up:

The country living legend now has found another way to get closer with his fans. Jones has moved his fan club offices to his home in Franklin and has added more thank you’s for just being a fan. Members who renew and new members will be sent new member packets that include special laminates that are worn around the members neck to distinguish them as a fan club member. These laminates also allow the member to meet Jones during a regular scheduled meet and greets at a performance that the member attends.

“Due to the thousands of memberships, meet and greets are limited to one per year, but that is more than the former structure of the fan club had,” says fan club director Adina Estes, stepdaughter to George by Nancy Jones’ previous marriage. George and Nancy asked that each membership come with a welcoming Letter, Magnet, Pen, two 8X10 Photos, and full color newsletters.

Visitors at can sign up for the fan club by clicking on the “FANS” section of the website. One member was given a bouquet of flowers sent to her home since she was the first member to sign up to the restructured fan club. “George was so excited the fans appreciated the gesture that he wanted the first person to join to be acknowledged,” says Estes. “That’s just how he is.”

To sign up for the Official George Jones Fan Club, CLICK HERE, or click on the FANS icon on the bottom of each page of