Music Industry Hopefuls Learn from Top-Notch Instructors

Legendary performer George Jones wants to help others discover their road to music industry success. George Jones University was established as an intensive seminar program designed to teach the basics of the business.

Follow up:

“It is my pleasure and honor,” Jones says, “to be able to provide a learning environment for folks who wish to make a career in the music business. Some of my closest friends and colleagues have made themselves eagerly available to lend their knowledge and experience to those who want to learn from the best.” The 2-day seminar program, held twice each year, provides a unique and substantive learning environment for music industry hopefuls facing tremendous obstacles in pursuit of a career. Student “possums” attend classes at the Jones ranch in Franklin, Tennessee and upon program completion, are welcomed into the “possum nation”.

The lineup of professionals slated to instruct attendees at the September 25-27 program has been announced. Fall session presenters include Bob Whittaker, former General Manager of the Grand Ole Opry; Helen Cornelius, artist and Grand Ole Opry member; Blair Durham, Attorney; Martha Moore, Publicist, So Much More Media; Philip K. Lyon, Attorney; Stephen Cochran, artist on Aria Records; Bill Cody, broadcast personality, WSM and GAC; Jennifer Pierce, author of the book Breakin’ into Nashville. Special guest speakers include John Zarling, Sr. Director of New Media & National Promotion Strategy for Big Machine Records and The Valory Music Company. Instructors and special guest speakers will talk about their areas of expertise and then allow time for vigorous Q&A with the students.

Jones and his wife, Nancy, gave their blessing for the founding of the venture by former Country Music Association president, Tandy Rice in May of 2006. According to Rice, who serves as dean of the program, “Our goal at George Jones University is to be a resource and a source of strength for our students. They come out empowered and prepared.” For additional information, visit