Just like in the states, George sat town and talk with Pio Mc Cann of Highland Radio in Ireland to promote his upcoming tour. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

Follow up:

Here are some quotes from the interview;

…..Johnny Cash - When Johnny Cash was once asked who his favourite singer was, he replied you mean apart from George Jones! George’s fondest memories of Johnny were “when I used to travel as part of his touring package, when I was just starting out - he gave people like me our start - he was my saviour back in those days and I’ll never forget him; he was a very, very great friend of mine.”

…..Elvis Presley - “I was on the Louisiana Hayride with Elvis Presley when he had a hit with That’s Alright Mama - on the posters they had - George Jones starring at the Louisiana Hayride with special guest Elvis Presley - I still have a copy of one of those posters - well Elvis made it really, really big, but I had one up on him for that one night.”

…..Tammy Wynette – one of your most famous duet partners was also your wife, the late great Tammy Wynette - “We went together like a handshake. I really enjoyed going into the studio with Tammy and in fact we’ve got a couple of new things that were in the can on the upcoming album “Burn Your Playhouse Down – The Unreleased Duets.” We met when Tammy busted up with her ex-husband. She was playing up North in the States and I went up one night she was playing and surprised her and everything got chummy after that.”

….Demons – With all the huge success, “I kinda got lost in the big party. Music starts off being something you enjoy so much and it’s like going to a party every night and you can get lost in the midst of all that goes on. I didn’t drink at all when I first started out – I drank Coca Cola, but I had to go out and mingle with drinking people and the more I did this, the more I would start sinking beer, so I could tolerate all that environment. Then one thing led to another and it went on to a stronger drink, then one day when Tammy and I split up, I kinda went to the deep end and got on drugs and things like that. But I have been clean from everything for about 12 years now and I love my Jesus and I think he loves me, because he’s took good care of me. My wife Nancy has also done her share and more to help get my life straightened out. For the first time I’m enjoying my life and having a wonderful time. I thought I was having a great time back then but I wasn’t, I was only going through the motions.”