George and Nancy welcome the arrival of triplets to their friends Derrick and Jennifer. The couple had Nola Kate, Maddux Lee, & Luce Reese very early. Each of the babies weighed less than 2 pounds at birth and can use all the support they can get. We ask that you keep this family in your prayers. Feel free to post your well wishes here or If you would like to send a card please send them care of Debra McCloud at 1400 18th Ave. South, Suite C-3, Nashville, TN

Follow up:

**UPDATE** Saturday February 7th, The Triplets were reunited for a little family time. They have sent us a few new pictures to share with you. They continue to improve but still need your thoughts and prayers.

**UPDATE** February 16th, The babies are doing so well and making big strides in getting closer to coming home. Maddux and Nola are in an open crib, together! They are so cute in there and Luce finally weighs enough to get her temperature probe off and can wear little shirts now. They are all taking bottles but not at every feeding. It really tires them out so they alternate the bottle feedings with the tube feedings. . Please keep praying for them and all the tiny little sick babies in the NICU. We are so blessed that our babies are doing so well but some in the unit are not. Our hearts go out to their families.

**UPDATE** Saturday was a big day for the triplets. Nola and Maddux got to go home but they had to leave little Luce behind, but not for long. The doctors predict she will be home later this week. The nurses and doctors at Baptist are the very best there is and we owe them so much for taking such good care of these babies. Please keep praying for them that they get stronger every day and that Luce gets to come home soon.